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In August 2023, Ayu Utami interviewed me about my album "Les Cahiers de Marinette" for the Life's Literature and Ideas Festival, hosted at Salihara Arts Center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The interview zooms in on my upbringing in Indonesia till age seven, as well as the concept behind the album and three songs of the album in particular.

Including a story about the first guitar I got for my sixth birthday in Jakarta.

Ayu Utami is a famed Indonesian writer, journalist and activist.


On July 16th 2023, Tess Merlot interviewed me in her program Enchanté about my latest album Les Cahiers de Marinette. We discussed how this concept came about and what it was like for me to collaborate with my mother, the lyricist of this album.

The single Oncle Pierre was played at the end of the interview.

Item starts at 36'00.

Dennis Tardan (USA) hosted my mother and me in his podcast Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation. He interviewed us about Les Cahiers de Marinette, an intergenerational songbook that first came alive when I asked my mother about her writings in her early twenties.

The interview sheds light on the process of the collaboration, the stories behind the song, as well as celebrating musical influences like Barbara, Georges Brassens and Stromae.

Interview with me by Clay Boykin (USA) and his producer Dennis Tardan for Clay's podcast In Search of the New Compassionate Male

We spoke about winter swimming, the French album on which I collaborate with my mother Marinette, Obama and Marinette’s connection to him, unconscious bias, Ukraine, my beloved grandfather, intergenerational healing, languages, my 2020 album Both Sides of the River, and Clay’s name.

Clay Boykin is a life coach, initiator of the Men’s Fellowship Network and author of Circles of Men (2018).

My song Anker was used for the tv series "De Slapelozen" (The Insomniacs), a series about those who are awake when the rest of the world sleeps. Whether it's voluntary or involuntary, insomniacs appear to have a strong resilience and not so few of them rejoice in the magical waking hours of the night.


Interviewed by Clay Boykin (USA) about my album Both Sides of the River and my experiences with men’s work.


Topics ranged from compassion, fatherhood, men’s circles and privilege, power structures and the social enterprises I work for.

Clay's podcast is ranked #4 on a list of more than 300 podcasts for men.

"Both Sides of the River" goes NYC


On July 28th & 29th 2022, a video with highlights of Clay Boykin’s podcast In Search of the New Compassionate Male was displayed on a building at Times Square/42nd Street in New York. Among the interview highlights was a fragment of an interview Clay did with me about my album Both Sides of the River and about my experiences with the men’s circle that I co-facilitate in Amsterdam. The video opened and closed with my song “Boy alone”.

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