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'Julien's music is my soundtrack for late night journeys. His voice is so soothing, cradling deep and meaningful words and the lushest of melodies. I find myself losing track of time, peacefully drowning within this musical softness. His music makes me see in the dark'


                         - Pernilla Kannapinn

'All I can say is wow, for who he is and the way music and words flow through him. An awesome wizard with a beautiful heart'

          - Ralph Nelissen (Pad van de man)

'Music with a message [...] profound lyrics. The last sentence of "Something" stays with you as a meandering mantra'

                          - FESTIVALINFO.NL

'Perfect for late night relaxing mode, harmonious and soothing'


                          - HAPPINEZ MAGAZINE

'Remarkable. Absolutely beautiful'

                         - Clay Boykin           

                         (author of Circles of Men)

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Julien Oomen is a Dutch/French, Amsterdam-based musician who draws inspiration from spiritual trainings and ceremonies and personal stories with their trapdoor to the universal.

In July 2018, Julien released "Oase Sessions I "followed by "Oase Sessions II "  in April 2019. 

A new full length album, Both Sides Of The River, was released in December 2020. 

For this record, mixed by Skiggy Rapz (Marcel Tegelaar), Julien saved up songs that were specifically triggered by trainings, workshops and ceremonies within the realm of men’s work


Julien is currently working on a long cherished project: For the first time he will be releasing an album with songs in the French language only. The album is a collaboration with his mother Marinette Oomen-Myin, who wrote the lyrics. Most of the songs have a double perspective throughout time, as Julien asked his mother to write new extra parts to poems she wrote when she was 20-22 years old. The album thus encompasses a time span of more than half a century.

To be released in spring 2023.

The first single of this album, "Oncle Pierre", was released on February 10th 2023.

Before becoming a solo artist Julien played in various ensembles and bands.

In 2005 he played with Pablo Fagundez at the tribute to Serge Gainsbourg in the "Grote Zaal" of Paradiso, a concert hall where he later also played with his latin band SON5, rock formation Humanos Magicos, singer/songwriter formation Lee Mason and singer/songwriter formation Robin Block, with whom he also played live in the tv talkshow De Wereld Draait Door in 2009. ​

Julien features along with Nora Fischer on the Robin Block album Comfort Zones (2011), with bass & vocals; and on the Diggy Dex album Lange Nachten, Korte Dagen (2010); saxophone.

For live shows Julien often teams up with Lenneke van Staalen, a master​ of (northern) Indian classical music on violin, who comps him in his songs as well as playing mesmerising improvisations. Other collaborations include Pernilla Kannapinn and Diego Nicolás Rodriguez.

Next to music and family life, he devotes his time to Refugee Company, A Beautiful Mess and Stichting de Vrolijkheid, three organisations that further the socio-economic well-being of newcomers with a refugee background through art, network, traineeships and soft-skill trainings.

With his longtime buddy Robin Block, Julien hosts a monthly Men's Circle.

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