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Men's circle

"This men's's's like the glow in the firewood".


"I'm so grateful for this space of authenticity, which is a rare thing."


             - Men's circle participants at the end of the closing circle.


Together we create a space for each man to take his place and share his experiences; from a genuine desire to grow and inspire one another. We often work with a specific theme, but we also go with whatever else comes alive in the group during the circle. The circle helps you to step out of your daily routine, and to explore your views and choices in connection with others, sometimes in depth, sometimes humorously and playful. 


Sharing experiences and listening to others already amounts to a lot. But besides sharings we will also do meditative and physical exercises to further integrate some of the insights attained in the circle, and to connect the head to the heart and body.


The circles are likely to be in English. When there is no need for that, we'll stick to Dutch.

You're most welcome to participate. Apply by sending an e-mail to


Upcoming 2024 dates

Saturday February 10th

Saturday March 23rd

Saturday April 13th 


Doors open:19:00 hrs

Start: 19:30

End: 22:30

Location: Rumah Yoga, Distelweg 74C, Amsterdam Noord 

Your contribution: 20 euro

Maximum of 12 participants.

The men's circle will have you remember (or discover) how every man is a brother who roams around in the very same field that we call life, often with similar questions, goals and challenges. What can we learn from each other? How can we tap into our shared wisdom and support each other, even as complete strangers only meeting for the duration of one single men's circle?





Robin Block 

"I have a background in performing arts, martial arts and systemic work. I draw from these different disciplines to bring in exercises and inspiration for the group. I find it very powerful what happens when a group of men really find the rest and space to share their experiences with one another. Time and again I'm moved by the many clear and surprising insights that come to the surface during the circles, and the sense of connection they create." 

Pofielfoto Robin Block 2018 -

Julien Oomen 

“I’m a trainer/coach and as a musician I co-facilitate spiritual ceremonies and trainings. Through this work and through the men's circles, my heart has opened up more and more to everything a man is: The son we are, the father, brother, as well as the relationship with ourselves. My driving force for the men’s circle is to honour and manifest the shared wisdom in every group of men, regardless of its composition or moment in time."

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